His Skin

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This set of images was taken with my partner at White Rock, it was the first time a person has been in front of my camera in a year since I got sick. 

Yesterday he surprised me with a new Canon 6D mk ii, he treats me like a princess and he's not bad on the eyes... what more could a girl ask for? 

I hope you enjoy these images, i'm always looking to shoot more male models so if you're interested, email me at with a few images or a portfolio link.




Laney Day for The Medusas

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Laney Day is a Melbourne escort and porn actress. Her niche clientele expect a certain innocent look from her, we spoke about how natural beauty holds a higher value than make-up when it comes to men.


We’ve all heard the “she looks so much better without make-up” comment come out of a man’s mouth, usually uncalled for. Her natural looks, body hair and lack of piercings and tattoos gives off a virgin innocence vibe, this is something that some clients look for when booking an escort or paying for porn. 


There is a whore hierarchy which is linked to the acts and looks of sex workers. Inked people looking down on clean skin, porn stars looking down on escorts and vice versa. Both sides of the spectrum thinking that one another is degrading each other, when really as people in an industry so controversial it would be better to be lifting each other up. There is enough negativity coming from outside of the industry and from people who use the benefits of the sex workers only to work toward stripping them of their rights and safety. 



Laney also talked about how when she is working, she doesn’t become a completely different person. Listening and validating men is a big part of her job. Men come out with their deepest issues when they are with her and this could be linked to the fact that sex workers aren’t seen as real people, so they’re okay to confess to. Sometimes the time she spends with clients isn’t about sex, it’s about comfort and emotion. Laney has different roles in work and normal life, but she is acting as much in her normal life as she is at work. Sex work isn’t as fake as people think. 


Thank-you Laney for shooting with me and to your friend for letting us use his beautiful house. 



Enjoy this free set of images that Luna and I collaborated with in the streets of Melbourne. 


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We went out for drinks at my all time favourite bar, went to the theatre and took some photos with fairy lights, found some neon signs and then braved the smell of an alleyway in the name of art.


This was one of the funnest shoots because I was basically just hanging out with an old friend. I miss you Luna, and I hope to come back down to Melbourne soon for some more shenanigans. 




Rhiannon Ava for The Medusas

Rhiannon Ava for The Medusas

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Rhiannon was working full time as a make-up artist at MAC before setting her sights toward sex work to benefit her mental health. She has since found inspiration and independence from the industry. 



Rhiannon started stripping at 17 and has been a full time sex worker for just over a year. She used to be a party girl, but since leaving the scene, she doesn’t ever want to go back to that. Since going full service, Rhiannon has had to find the line between taking care of yourself and having that addiction of making more money, it is something that you have to adjust to.



Rhiannon has found an astounding amount of supportiveness in the sex work community, for instance managers in brothels actually want to know how you are and if you’re okay to come into work that day. There is always someone around to help, and usually the people who don’t have as much to give are always the most giving.



She is heading back to a brothel to work soon as escorting is like having your own personal business. Sex workers are being demonised more than ever, even not being able to travel to different places but the law changes in different states and countries. 



Sex work has been a wonder for Rhiannon’s mental health as she has become more aware of her emotions and knowing when to take a break when she is getting run down. Working for herself means that she has the independence to change a situation she is in when it isn’t working out for her.



The competition that she had to deal with when working as a professional make-up artist was a lot harder to deal with as people were tearing each other down and a lot of the time we’re only focused on individual gain. The sex worker community has something for everyone, no matter your shape, size or colour. 



Hospitality has helped Rhiannon talk to people and understand how to respond to emotions. No client is ever the same, each have come to her for a completely different reason, meaning that each time she is sharing a different part of herself. 1/3 of clients come to her just to cuddle, and most want a connection. It is like helping a good friend. 



It was a wonderful experience to work with Rhiannon in the wonderful rose garden in her backyard, these photos are better late than never. We shot these a year ago, and I am happy that they’re out into the world now, but thank-you all for waiting. Thank-you for being a part of this project and for sharing your story.

Jessica Kirby


Jasmine for The Medusas

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Shooting Jasmine was an absolute delight, we shot in her bedroom which had incredible lighting.
She showed me her venerable side even before we started shooting. She told me about her experience being a sex worker and having her consent broken. 


She has a prolapsed asshole due to someone sticking their penis into her without her permission. This happened when she was 16. Jasmine was homeless at 14. Becoming a sex worker has been a healing experience as having sex is on her terms now.


When she was younger, she focused more on making other people happy rather than fulfilling her sexual desires.


Jasmine got into dangerous situations inside and outside of her work, she has had violent relationships, coming from both ends. She thought that it was just expected to be like this, that shoving a finger or a penis inside of her asshole without consent was normal and expected, this happened a lot more outside of work than when she was in the brothel.


Jasmine has an interesting struggle with her body and sexuality. She lost her virginity at 13, and used to stretch out her clitoral hood, thinking that it was an undeveloped penis. This is not unheard of when girls are coming of age and don’t have the education on their own bodies, or if they are grown zΩto be shameful of their female body parts. 



We were also talking about a group of extremist feminists called the unnamable shrews who were grafting Melbourne posters who were against sex workers. Which seems harmless at first but reinforcing the stereotype that sex workers are dirty is harmful for the safety of sex workers.
Jasmine is one of the most beautiful people i’ve had the pleasure i’ve meeting. Thank-you so much for shooting with me and telling me your story.