Laney Day for The Medusas

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Laney Day is a Melbourne escort and porn actress. Her niche clientele expect a certain innocent look from her, we spoke about how natural beauty holds a higher value than make-up when it comes to men.


We’ve all heard the “she looks so much better without make-up” comment come out of a man’s mouth, usually uncalled for. Her natural looks, body hair and lack of piercings and tattoos gives off a virgin innocence vibe, this is something that some clients look for when booking an escort or paying for porn. 


There is a whore hierarchy which is linked to the acts and looks of sex workers. Inked people looking down on clean skin, porn stars looking down on escorts and vice versa. Both sides of the spectrum thinking that one another is degrading each other, when really as people in an industry so controversial it would be better to be lifting each other up. There is enough negativity coming from outside of the industry and from people who use the benefits of the sex workers only to work toward stripping them of their rights and safety. 



Laney also talked about how when she is working, she doesn’t become a completely different person. Listening and validating men is a big part of her job. Men come out with their deepest issues when they are with her and this could be linked to the fact that sex workers aren’t seen as real people, so they’re okay to confess to. Sometimes the time she spends with clients isn’t about sex, it’s about comfort and emotion. Laney has different roles in work and normal life, but she is acting as much in her normal life as she is at work. Sex work isn’t as fake as people think. 


Thank-you Laney for shooting with me and to your friend for letting us use his beautiful house.