Jasmine for The Medusas

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Shooting Jasmine was an absolute delight, we shot in her bedroom which had incredible lighting.
She showed me her venerable side even before we started shooting. She told me about her experience being a sex worker and having her consent broken. 


She has a prolapsed asshole due to someone sticking their penis into her without her permission. This happened when she was 16. Jasmine was homeless at 14. Becoming a sex worker has been a healing experience as having sex is on her terms now.


When she was younger, she focused more on making other people happy rather than fulfilling her sexual desires.


Jasmine got into dangerous situations inside and outside of her work, she has had violent relationships, coming from both ends. She thought that it was just expected to be like this, that shoving a finger or a penis inside of her asshole without consent was normal and expected, this happened a lot more outside of work than when she was in the brothel.


Jasmine has an interesting struggle with her body and sexuality. She lost her virginity at 13, and used to stretch out her clitoral hood, thinking that it was an undeveloped penis. This is not unheard of when girls are coming of age and don’t have the education on their own bodies, or if they are grown zΩto be shameful of their female body parts. 



We were also talking about a group of extremist feminists called the unnamable shrews who were grafting Melbourne posters who were against sex workers. Which seems harmless at first but reinforcing the stereotype that sex workers are dirty is harmful for the safety of sex workers.
Jasmine is one of the most beautiful people i’ve had the pleasure i’ve meeting. Thank-you so much for shooting with me and telling me your story.