Golden Afternoon

Hello! It has been a while. 
This photoset was shot a year ago, it was shot before I got sick... before I even knew what anti-NMDA Encephalitis was. It was a time where I was comfortable, nothing was going wrong, and I felt in my element. I was just about to go to Melbourne, and I had money in the bank. It's safe to say that the story doesn't end there and I rode off into the sunset on a white horse. 

Although times have been hard in the last year, and my health issues have been the core reason for my lack of posting, shooting and editing. I am back now, and I am ready to finally retouch the images from Melbourne and get back into shooting in Brisbane with my old friends and new models.

This shoot was shot with Rebeckah Wurzbacher on makeup, Alice X modelling and Grace Reid assisting. It was a picture perfect day, a little chilly but tonnes of fun and very messy for one of us. Times have definitely changed now, we're all busy, some of us aren't in the country and some of us have children to take care of but all in all we're a great bunch of individuals that came together a year ago and created some magic for this shoot and I will remember that day forever. 

Here's what we created, you can see more images on my Patreon here.