The original photo (with red hair) was taken the day I ran away from Melbourne. I had quit my job a few minutes beforehand and wanted an image to mark the day that I made the decision to leave everything.  This was a really difficult day for me, but it was the best thing I have done for myself. If I had stayed in Melbourne, I wouldn't have had the support network and I doubt that I would be here writing this.  The new photo (with blue hair) was taken on the first day of being back in Melbourne 2 years later, to the month. I have now come to terms with why I left, and have absolved all guilt that I had associated to this day and the years to come. I forgive myself, and I now know that it wasn't selfish, it was necessary. From now on I need to trust my judgement and take time to practice self-care. Since the original photo I have been diagnosed with bipolar and now take steps toward keeping myself stable. I'm off the medication now and using natural methods to keep myself in control.  I have changed so much over the two years since I first went to Melbourne. I've gained so much more self-awareness and appreciation for my brain. Even though sometimes it doesn't work exactly how it should, I have a pretty beautiful way of seeing the world when i'm okay, and it makes it all worth it.  I can sincerely say that I am happy. I'm glad i'm still here.  

10 August 2017