Morticia Morgue for The Medusas

Morticia Morgue for The Medusas 

Beauty by Roses are Red Make-up Artistry

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Since shooting this set in September, I have become really good friends with both of the incredible women involved in this shoot. After a few hiccups on this shoot, we powered through and this is the result of a gloomy afternoon in my bedroom.

Morticia’s story for this project starts with her parents, and the impossible expectation laid on her from a young age to obtain from sex until marriage. This led to her first sexual encounter to be an awful experience due to the pressure and shame that had been drilled into her mind from such an impressionable age. This part of the story is sadly told all too often for a lot of women that I meet, especially for this project, it is the next element that took me by surprise. Morticia’s mother is a professional dominatrix and has a dungeon in her house,  since divorcing Morticia’s Father, has gotten back into the kink scene after taking a break during Morticia’s childhood.

Morticia did not know about her mothers profession until later in life, and had negative views on sex as a whole until finding BDSM herself. The first time she had sex was with her boyfriend at the time, the result of being oppressed and shamed sexually for the majority of her life led to the event being one filled with self-concious thoughts and shame rather than a new experience as an adult.

Mortcia’s sexuality is now unconfirmed, leaning more towards women but happily engaged to her male finance, they have been together for 3 years now.

Thank-you so much Morticia for sharing your story with me and shooting for this set, we will no doubt shoot in the New Year! Thank-you Mhairi at Roses Are Red Make-up Artistry for the incredible beauty on this set you always do an incredible job.