New Moon Astro

Hey everyone!

I’ve had a bit of time in between semesters and working to go out and create some images.
I am taking quite a liking to shooting and editing astrophotography.

This image was taken around Ipswich. It was very dark and very eerie. Totally worth freaking myself out for though.

Side note: I passed all of my subjects for my first semester at University for Nursing! I have booked a venue for my wedding, got a wedding band and I have my dress! Things are happening and i’m doing really well.

It’s crazy what a difference a few years can make.



The end of an era and new beginnings | The sunflowers | Alice X

This shoot is significant in the way that it was my last shoot before UNI and one of Alice’s last shoots due to her retirement of professional modelling. We started out with a vision in mind, and this shoot turned out completely different to what we thought, mostly due to the weather conditions.

I like it a little more because of how moody it is and the memories that go along with this shoot.

Since starting university, I have little to no time, and I regret leaving it this long to post these, but I hope that these bring you as much joy as they do me and that you won’t forget about me as a photographer and artist while I go on my journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. There’s a long road ahead of me, and in a way I feel that this photoset really encompasses the looming feeling that is inside me while embarking on what seems like an endless sea is work and sleepless nights due to assignments, classes and working at my amazing job in between. 

I can’t thank Alice enough for the years of creating that we have done together and how grateful I am that we met through something that we both love doing. I look forward to seeing you in Sweden sometime soon.

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Blue Honey

It's the end of the year, and I thought it was about time for another self portrait set.  I have a lot to reflect on this year, and i'll be having a quiet NYE to do so.

 I've gotten better, i've grown out of my anxiety with the help of medication and trauma. I've kept strong friendships alive, i've found a stable relationship and gotten engaged. I've spent way to much money, i've got myself a job, i've gotten into University, i've made new goals and i've found my passion for photography again. (And I went blonde!)  

It's been a hard 24 months, and I don't know what kind of person I would be now if nothing had changed at the end of 2017, but I know that I am now a better person for having experienced that hardship.   I hope you enjoy this self portrait set, and thank-you all my Patrons for supporting me throughout me being sick and for the new people who have seen me grow stronger. Goodbye 2018, bring on 2019.

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Delicate Porcelain

I never shoot for perfection or symmetry in doll making. It is our lovely flaws that make us each special.

-Gayle Wray

It is within the flaws that we find simple perfection. Imagine if we had scars on our porcelain dolls, how different would we view their innocence and immortal youth. This got me thinking about the symbolism of pale white skin and it’s association to femininity and fragility. A lot can be said for perfection, but it is all one of the same. Perfection can be duplicated, flaws and character cannot.

This photo set with Selina is inspired by the photographer, Iness Rychlik. Her images convey a powerful message of the pain of beauty and I hoped to capture at least a drop of that essence in these images. I hope you enjoy the images and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Jessica K

Model: Selina Switch

Lucky You


The first time i've shot escort profile images outside of The Medusas project.

I would love to do more of these, so if you know of any escorts or are one wanting images done in my style of imagery, get in contact!

Model: @sexyjjess


Jessica Kirby