I am currently working on an erotic art project named "The Medusas" which focuses on female sexuality and the struggles and expectations that are put on girls and women when it comes to intimacy. The name is inspired by both Greek mythology goddess Medusa and the writings of Helene Cixous' "The Laugh Of The Medusa." I hope to highlight the many contradictions that are placed upon women when they enter the world of sex and how that has affected the model's I shoot with and myself, through both real life recounts and character stories I will be working on with each model. 

This will likely be my focus for the next 2-3 months until I wrap up the project and move forward with another theme.






My name is Jessica Kirby, I am a fine art photographer from Brisbane, Australia. My passions are emotive portrait photography and retouching. 

I would say I have learned more from my experiences and own explorations than I have from my formal study, although I have officially completed a Diploma in Photo Imaging, I am glad I did not continue onto a Bachelor degree in Arts, as I feel like art is not something that a teacher can judge objectively.

I am currently creating art for my Patrons on a site called Patreon, where people who appreciate my art the most can pledge certain amounts of money in exchange for rewards, if you're interested in helping out or just scanning through some of the public content, click here.