Monday, 25 May 2020

New Moon: Astro Light Painting

Model: Kate Saunders @Peach_Industries
Assistant, Driver, Light Painter: Hayden Young @tread_bne
Last night's weather was calling for an Astro session. I texted Kate late in the evening and asked if she would like to model in the freezing cold while we take photos of stars and light from our makeshift equipment. We ended up being out until 3 am due to our first spot being a massive disappointment. We took these photos in a familiar location of mine, hey... if it works? Why change.

I had an absolute blast last night just getting outside, and the weather could not have been more perfect if we asked. Thank you so much to Kate for modelling and so much more. Thank-you to my fiance Hayden who was just so motivated and excited at 2 am to keep going with all of his ideas for painting light- thank-you for driving and for always being so full of support and optimism.


New Moon


Monday, 10 February 2020

Sirens In Your Backyard | Georgia Sydney

 Sirens In Your Backyard   I had the pleasure of shooting with Georgia at a gorgeous house in Noosa in mid-January. We were initially going for a moody vibe but found that the neon and bright bed covers may sway us to go a different direction. We ended up shooting a bunch of different looks and I'm really happy about how it all turned out. I am always a fan of going with the flow, and I am always biased towards loving water shoots! 
 Georgia and I also got to talk about Nursing, I told her about the anxieties I had about the approaching semester. I am so grateful to Georgia for this shoot and for the conversations that we have had about her studies in Nursing, as all of it combined has helped ease my mind to prepare for an undoubtedly tough next 6 months. Thank you so much, Georgia.

-Jessica.  Find the full set on Patreon here   Find speed edits, custom photoshop curves, behind the scenes, before and after images plus more on my Patreon