Monday, 17 October 2016

Candy Glaz for The Medusas: Jessica K Photography

Candy Glaz for The Medusas 

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“You laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at you because you’re all the same” Jonathan Davis

This editorial for The Medusas is more imagery and less words; hopefully not mistaken for lack of story.

“We go through life, we shred our skins, we become ourselves” Patti Smith

Model: Candy Glaz
Make-up Artist: Mhairi Graveson at Roses are Red Make-up Artistry

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Art Is Hard (St Kilda Garden) : Jessica K Photography

Art is hard. 

Art is hard. 

There isn’t a simpler way to say it. Creating is hard. Being an artist is difficult. I constantly find myself doubting my work and myself, lately I have found myself doubting not only that but my personality also. Who am I? I’m turning 21 in two weeks time and what have I achieved so far?

All of these questions are obviously harmful, and no one should be thinking them unless they have a serious issue in their life they need to sort out but realistically the only thing that is upsetting me at the moment is my own hopes and dreams. Which seems pretty weak to me.

I was going through my (daily) hard drive this morning to delete a few old folders to clear space and I came across this set of images I shot over a year ago now, when I had moved to Melbourne. A friend had come down from Sydney to stay and we had gone to St Kilda for the afternoon. He is also a photographer, and was the only person supporting my Patreon at the time, which had not taken off yet due to a few factors… I can’t thank him enough for supporting me when no one else did. 

Back to my sob story, literally. I was going through these images and I started crying, ugly crying of course. I thought why in the world am I crying over an image of seagulls and an old wheel?! The truth is, all of my goals were tied up in Melbourne, and when things went south and I had to go home, all of those goals kind of just…broke. 

The truth is, all of my goals were tied up in Melbourne, and when things went south and I had to go home, all of those goals kind of just…broke. 

I am an over emotional human, I get stuck being attached to places, houses and things. 

The other day I balled my eyes out for an hour because of snow globe I got when I was 11 had been broken while I was in Melbourne and I had only checked now when I went to look for my Halloween decorations.

This blog post isn’t one where I have a revelation about my life and try to change it for the better, nor am i really looking for advice. 

I just kind of, need to put this out there because of who I am as an artist. It’s not always pretty, most of the times it’s not actually, but it will be okay as long as I keep creating. That is the one thing I can be certain of.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Medusas: Selina Switch x Jessica K Photography (NSFW)

Selina Switch for The Medusas NSFW

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Selina and I went to school together, we went to a private all girls college and whatever you’re imagining it would be like, yes it was exactly like that. Selina’s story starts off with the pressure of leaving sex before marriage which came predominantly from her mother (who makes the best hummus in the world just by the way.) This led to her first time having intercourse to be uncomfortable and shameful, Selina cried afterwards consumed by guilt and confusion as she sat in the bed with her long term partner. Selina talked to her parents about how she had started having sex, after the first couple of times it became easier, her mother came around eventually. Selina’s father was fully supportive when she approached him with the subject of kink, it was this validation that helped soothe her thoughts on having sex out of wedlock and her journey to sexual freedom through BDSM had begun.
Selina started out in the kink community as a submissive and from then, has come to enjoy playing the dominant role more as she has become more comfortable and expressive of her sexuality. Having control of the situation sexually has helped overcome the anxieties associated with intercourse. Selina is currently in an on-off ‘relationship’ with someone who has been in her life for a short while now. This is someone who has made obvious relationship-style gestures, but when faced with the question, backs out of wanting to be in a committed relationship. When she sprays herself with that perfume he gifted to her, her mind recalls his words “I don’t gift girls perfume, but this one reminded me of you. I don't know why, it just did”