Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Vampire: Behind The Scenes: Jessica K Photography

NSFW 18+

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with Moofy and Rebeckah Wurzbacher, heavily inspired by Ophelia Overdose and the essence of a vampire.

Moofy before the 4 hour transformation of make-up, nails and making a costume out of 12 pairs of stockings

Moulding the fangs


And onto the costume! 

Mm... Webby

We tried and failed at attempting a 'push-up bra' type sling

It's the newest trend

Very nearly completed costume attempting to simulate rotting flesh

Trying to keep fingernails on and test lighting

Fangs falling out

Fangs falling out again

We did eventually give up on the fangs, and completed the set after 2 of the lights blowing of course.

This set will be released after the 13th of June (My RAWartists Exhibition night) as I am showcasing one of the final images at this event. More info on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/officialjessicakphotography

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beautiful ruins of Melbourne: Jessica K Photography

You all know me and my abandonments, and while I was in Melbourne, I was very keen to shoot in some amazing locations during my short time visiting the beautiful city. Model, Amy Jacobs joined me on what was going to be a mini-adventure, which turned out to be an all day expedition.

After making a decision not to go into the first location, which was an abandoned hotel, due to the fact there was steam coming out of the roof, we headed off to one of the other's I had lined up. 

This place was massive! Everything was dead quiet except for occasional loud bangs and creaking. 


Don't look down, let the camera do it for you