Friday, 28 February 2014


Feeling excited and inspired for the second half of the American Horror Story inspired shoot tomorrow, it has been an absolute roller-coaster and a real effort to get this shoot in motion and functioning.
 I am still not entirely sure if the shoot will go as planned, but due to the amount of effort I have put into this shoot and to the some of the people involved being absolutely wonderful in helping myself put on what I believe is going to be an amazing shoot, even if it all turns bad and the apocalypse just decides to happen tomorrow, we would have done all that we absolutely can and it would have been worth it. 

Photo: Myself shooting part. 1 of the AHS shoot, BTS photo by Ashleigh Dorman.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Hinterland

There is no better therapy than nature, and spending the weekend in the Gold Coast hinterland definitely revitalised all the senses and sparked inspiration.
We started off our trip by gliding up a mountain with our headlights reflecting light into the dark corners of the winding road

One way bridges

In the morning we woke-up to a beautiful cloud covered summers day, perfect for hiking through the forest and visiting waterfalls

It is a very strange thing we humans do, we show our affection by harming other life

There is something about the way the sun falls through the leaves that gives a certain relief to people like myself who dwell in the city

Moss on fallen trees is one of life's treasures

Maddie, as we took a break at a small waterhole

Yianni, reading priorities

Zoe, enjoying some of her final days in QLD for quite sometime

Why do we path forests with concrete when the purpose is to get out into nature?

Follow me

A very tall waterfall 

A very tall waterfall indeed

Dan, checking waterfall diving off the bucket list

Nicky, heading for round 2

Crisp water from an offshoot of the main waterfall under the shade, the only concern was the concern  of leeches

"Swim underneath a waterfall" Check!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend and I can't wait for later this year where I am going on a road trip to find beautiful new places and break from the busy semester we know it will be.

Monday, 24 February 2014



As of recently, I have been experiencing some rough patches in regards to my photography.

I have often heard of people giving up on their dreams because they were told they will never get there or the road started to look very rough and windy along the way. I honestly believe that my mind can contribute to the world in my own way and just because some people see my goals of earning a living from being an artistic photographer, odd and out of reach, doesn't mean that I am not going to get there. Every person that tells me that I can't get there and doubts me, is just more fuel to prove them wrong.

This set is inspired by freedom and the lust of an escape.

Model: Taylah Kereama
Flower crown supplied by the amazing Monique at Sneakypeek,

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Make-up and Tattoos

Make-up and Tattoos

"Imagine if we lived in a world of masks, each person had a different mask they had to uphold to their face every single day and that designs and imperfections were seen as one.

I believe we live in a world of masks."

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Behind the bulbs

"Behind the bulbs"

I am so glad that Eby brought these lightbulbs, it really sparked (pun intended) inspiration.

Something interesting: These light bulbs actually broke in the car on the way home.

I really just love the ethereal mood of these light bulbs, Eby makes this set perfectly serene. 

Art and craft, key factors of photography for myself. Also, lovely helping hands.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I am so glad I have met yet another lovely model I can continue to work with, thank-you Eby and Ash for making this possible, and better yet, absolutely wonderful.