Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Art Vandals

"Art Vandals"
Jacque and I rarely do sets together that are of a non-conceptual nature, they are usually consist of nudity, twisted body parts and haunting facial expressions, so we thought we would challenge ourselves with an urban fashion set.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Inaudible Submersion

"Inaudible Submersion"

Hope is a powerful emotion, powerful enough to move whole cities from depression and in some cases poverty but this is about hope on a smaller scale, something like changing a mindset, pursuing an individual passion, effecting someone in a positive way even if at first it may seem arrogant.

Some people in this world are like water, transparent, colourless, dilute. These people are the hopeless, the ones who lack the fire of passion, drowned in self pity and narcissism. People of these qualities often do not understand the concept of creativity and therefore look down on people pursuing a creative passion and see it as a waste of time.

Self doubt also has the quality of water, it is a feeling that is at first shakeable, you can brush it off as a bad day and see further into the future. Then it happens, again and soon after that, it becomes a reoccurring thought you are forced to fight each day in order to maintain sanity.

The water soon fills our eyes with tears and over time transforms into a body of water immersed in negativity, this could has grown from one or a few antagonistic people and their doubtful comments into a pool of thoughts that have grown from your own mind.

The overwhelming idea of not being good enough.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

There are worlds within worlds

Fern Gully cosplay with The Artful Dodger (Isobel Murray)

We had an absolute ball shooting this set! Belting out Disney songs in the car a long the way :)

This set is done in two subtle parts, the first is set by a lake of dead trees with some of the funkiest green water I have ever experienced, and the second was shot in lush rainforest. This was done in parallel to the movie Fern Gully: The last rainforest, which is focused on saving the rainforest from the destruction of humans. Cosplay designed by Isobel. Character: Crysta from Fern Gully: The last rainforest.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Model: Natalie-Monique Le Sueur

The ocean can be as restless as our lives, if we don't sit back and enjoy the calm we may get caught up in a storm - My muse, Ashleigh Dorman.

Friday, 17 January 2014

A Female Perspective

Being the first female photographer for a model is quite exciting and at the same time a little worrying, I have always thought as photography as a pretty equal industry in the likes of gender, but lately have been proven different. 

It may be harder as a female to make it in certain industries, but that just means working that little bit harder and longer for what you love and shouldn't we all strive to be out best no matter if the opposite gender, or someone else has an advantage?

I would love to see a change in the way that people view and perceive the ideals of nude photography and nudity as a whole. Most nude photographers happen to be males (as I said, male dominated industry as a whole, regardless of subject matter) but I really think having a different perspective on nude photography, that being a young female perspective could really change the way that some people think of nude portraits, in the best way possible.

Something to think about anyway...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Leave Only Footprints

"Leave Only Footprints"
One of my absolute favourite things to do is explore abandoned sites, weather it be houses, warehouses, barns, factories or mansions! There is something strange about being in a place that has been left behind with someone else moving on, and especially strange when there has been someone left behind as well.

One of the biggest problems with leaving places behind, is the damage that a certain people do to the buildings. Personally, when I am searching an abandoned site, I leave only footprints and take only photographs, as it should be.

If someone entered your house and started breaking windows and drawing swear words on the walls, you would probably have something to say about it, I would think. The fact these structures no longer have someone to care for them does not make it any less immoral.

I hope to explore more abandoned sites of Brisbane before the year is over.

This was a little farm looking house, grass completely overgrown. 

Oh, and I just so happened to have a model with me at the time...


I have an obsession with windows.

The remnants of a shed, with chains hanging from the roof.

Different house, lovely windows.

Taylah under the house.

I do love a good window.

Isn't it amazing when nature reclaims?

The outside of the second house.