Thursday, 18 December 2014

Captured: Bones and Beetles: Jessica K Photography: Fine Art


Model: Dale Waite

When you have your only prop as a sheet, this is what happens. The general concept I went in with was, bodies captured in the wind by a medium that ended up being... a sheet!

"Bones and Beetles"

Model: Dale Waite

I went to this place as a kid, and let me tell you it went off! It was an experience coming back here to capture something like this. These lady bug looking things are actually there at the root of this massive tree. Dale is now one with the bugs.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lilly Pads and Dead Bodies: Jessica K Photography

“Lilly pads and Dead Bodies”

Model: Dale Waite 

This editorial came about after meeting Dale for the first time, we were shooting some fine art images with a grey sheet I had borrowed from my partner’s house and I had nothing particular in mind, I warned him that I may throw him in the water but nothing specific.
I learned that he had a similar fear of water to myself, and that sparked inspiration that I had stored for quite some time on an editorial about my fear of water and anxiety as a whole. Whenever I see murky water my mind automatically goes to decaying, bloated faces with whited out eyes. Sometimes it is even at a point where if I can’t see a few metres away from myself in a swimming pool it is a bit too much, I have a very overactive imagination - for the purpose of creating it comes in handy but when it comes to walking in a dark hallway, going to bed with my cupboard open, looking out windows at night and of course water- it’s not so productive.
I really feel like this editorial has a certain calm to the surface of it, which represents how we hide our anxiety to act normal around other people in leading up to an anxiety attack, it is a thin layer that hides what is lurking underneath, like these Lilly pads, beautifully distracting.

Thank-you so much Dale for putting yourself out there and modelling in that water for me, I really appreciate it.

This image was accepted into Photo Vogue today...!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Behind The Scenes: Feathers and Rose Petals in the Mountains

I don't believe I have ever blogged one of my client shoot's, so here we are!
Model: Cindy Mimi
Make-up: Rebeckah Wurzbacher

This shoot was hilarious fun and we almost all died walking up rocky mountains, but it was all worth it in the end! This blog post consists of mostly behind the scenes images, as well as the final images in between. 


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Following The Girl In Lace BTS: Jessica K Photography

Here are some behind the scenes images from our "Following The Girl In Lace" Editorial featured in SPOOK Magazine 

Original Editorial 

Model: Maral Usyal @ Mirror Mirror Agencies

Label: Tempest Weaver

Make-up: Jordan Stewart

Maral getting all dolled up by Jordan in the back of his car

Applying glowing tattoos, they worked a charm in the warm gold coast light!

Belinda fitting her designs

Off to the dunes!

Wardrobe malfunction 

Belinda and Jordan

Once again, thank-you team, and thank-you for reading!