Belle for The Medusas

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MUA: Roses Are Red Make-up Artistry

Model: Belle

When I spoke to Belle about what she wanted her story to be for this project, our conversation had a lot of roots in the societal issue of slut shaming. I have gone and done my own research post-shooting and this is what I have derived to be the most important points on this very dangerous mindset. 


One point Belle and I brought up frequently while chatting, is the absurd amount of dickpicks that we both receive online. While these …gestures? may seem playful and harmless to some, it comes from a place of misogyny. Now, I don’t want this whole post to just be buzzwords, that is not my intention, but I know I am right when I say that the people that send random models/girls online their genitals, it comes from a place of wanting power and it is assault, even if it is online. These men want you to feel uncomfortable, they want you to give them a reaction, which is why the best thing you can do is block, I love blocking people.


Now onto the more physically dangerous side to this, I want to talk about ‘A Woman’s Responsibility.’ Women are told to protect themselves from rape, rather than Men being told not to rape. This means if a woman is blackout drunk, the man knows it and proceeds to act upon the woman sexually, it’s rape, not sex. Sex is about pleasure, rape is about power. The idea that it is a Woman’s responsibility to prevent rape herself in itself has good intentions but overall it is a dangerous mindset to have as it leaves the woman open to victim blaming if something does happen that was out of her control. 


This brings me to victim blaming. This stems from the ideas of male ownership over women and virginity myths. The idea that regular girls are different to sluts (Hayley G Hoover) is where the issue of respect comes into play with rapists. In their mind, a woman who isn’t monogamous and has a lot of sexual partners doesn’t deserve respect and therefore they do not need permission to violate her. Of course this is bullshit and it sounds awful when broken down like this, that is because it is awful. Misogyny is still rampant! Small remarks and actions make the world of difference to how woman are viewed and treated every day.


The modern day woman seems to entertain the same sexual freedom as a man, sure we see it in the music videos and on our instagram feeds but it is still making men and woman uncomfortable. Majority of rape doesn’t come from a shady masked dude lurking in an alleyway, it comes from ‘normal’ people with these dangerous ideals. 7 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. (RAINN)

Although the world for women was looking up there for a while, in recent times I feel there is a backlash against feminism, and for this reason we need to fight back harder against the double standards in our society. Our feminism needs to be intersectional, all inclusive of trans-women and women of colour. It needs to look out for our women with disabilities, mental and physical. We need to look out for each other.


TW: Mental Illness, Bipolar, Self-Harm, Invalidation.
"Love is drowning me, but I can't come up for air without pulling the plug."

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Daughter Of The Sea

This editorial is very special to me, this was shot on a beach where Marzena and her partner fell in love. I have known her for a large percentage of my life and she has always been the most incredible human being. These images were heavily inspired by mermaids, the ocean and Byron Bay. Thank-you Marzena for supporting my art and enabling me to create these images for you, I can't thank you enough.

Model: Marzena Lazuli -

Christmas 2016

I think we can all agree with the statement that 2016 has been an all round awful year. Then again 2015 was kind of a write off for me, but hey... still here. I am just pushing all of positivity toward 2017, as it has a better chance, this late in the game. 

These images were created by an incredible team, Karina Partynski on make-up and Jodie Roberts modelling. I have only recently started collaborating with Karina on photo shoots and I am absolutely loving her work, I hope to work with her more in 2017! I haven't seen Jodie since shooting my Disney Princess series in 2014 for my final major folio at TAFE. A diploma and a few years later, we have created this cute but sexy Christmas editorial for you all. 

This photo shoot is funded by my Patreon, where I get just under $300 per month at the moment to help pay for my photography, because for a long while there I was digging myself into a hole of debt and running myself into the ground along with it. I can't thank my Patrons enough for supporting me enough to give their hard earned money to me, so that I am able to create. Thank-you thank-you thank-you. If you enjoy this editorial and wish to see more of my editorials and help me create, head on over to my Patreon every little bit helps!

I hope you all enjoy this editorial, and I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2017, because it really can't be worse than 2016.

Morticia Morgue for The Medusas

Morticia Morgue for The Medusas 

Beauty by Roses are Red Make-up Artistry

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Since shooting this set in September, I have become really good friends with both of the incredible women involved in this shoot. After a few hiccups on this shoot, we powered through and this is the result of a gloomy afternoon in my bedroom.

Morticia’s story for this project starts with her parents, and the impossible expectation laid on her from a young age to obtain from sex until marriage. This led to her first sexual encounter to be an awful experience due to the pressure and shame that had been drilled into her mind from such an impressionable age. This part of the story is sadly told all too often for a lot of women that I meet, especially for this project, it is the next element that took me by surprise. Morticia’s mother is a professional dominatrix and has a dungeon in her house,  since divorcing Morticia’s Father, has gotten back into the kink scene after taking a break during Morticia’s childhood.

Morticia did not know about her mothers profession until later in life, and had negative views on sex as a whole until finding BDSM herself. The first time she had sex was with her boyfriend at the time, the result of being oppressed and shamed sexually for the majority of her life led to the event being one filled with self-concious thoughts and shame rather than a new experience as an adult.

Mortcia’s sexuality is now unconfirmed, leaning more towards women but happily engaged to her male finance, they have been together for 3 years now.

Thank-you so much Morticia for sharing your story with me and shooting for this set, we will no doubt shoot in the New Year! Thank-you Mhairi at Roses Are Red Make-up Artistry for the incredible beauty on this set you always do an incredible job.