Sequins among violent waves | Kate Saunders, Bribie Island

 There is magic in a camera and there is magic in your mind.  Sequins in the sunset light, white tulle surrendering to the crashing waves and the increased contrast of the skyline as the day retreats to the nightfall. 

There were many moments while shooting this set where I was in complete awe of the ocean, the colours, the light and the support I had from the people involved. Kate and I had been planning to do a beach shoot for some time, and our first change post-wedding/pandemic/university was November. These images to me are the light in the dark and looking back on 2020 we can find some of those light moments. For those still healing, I am sure that time will come. 

Shooting these images with Kate and my husband, Hayden, helped me see the beauty in the dark and gloomy again. Thank you both for your endless support and talent on this and every shoot.  


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