Alice X for The Medusas: 2017

The internet is an amazing thing- it lets you see a person without ever having known them. I've been a model, a cam girl, a clip model and a stripper -and often at the same time. How many people in the world have seen me naked, have seen inside of me without seeing inside me? I love my body and I love expressing my sexuality openly- but then, as a sex worker this is something we have to say. We are at the mercy of stereotype that women only choose to do this line of work because we had a rough childhood, that we were abused and in the cases where it is true, we lose our identities and become just another nameless victim- and we are always so much more than that. This is probably the least sexually explicit set in this series because you can look anywhere and find a photo of me pouting my "dick-sucking-lips" with my tits squeezed together but you won't find my real expression of sexuality.  When I was a teenager, I dressed like a nun and even at the beach wore high-collars, long sleeves and hand-me-down pants from my brothers that reached past my knees. I never wore makeup and the concept of me being attractive was absurd to me. I was saving myself for some special boy who I would marry and the moment would be magical. But that moment came, and it wasn't magical- I was left crying and bleeding in a dark room during a party. For a long time, I believed that this was all I was good for, and began a destructive cycle centred around my sexuality. It wasn't until I began stripping that I even realised that I could take control of it in any kind of sense. After years of working in this industry, I've learned how to be content with my body -for the most part- and everything it has to offer. So this set reflects who I really am- that vulnerable girl who never wears makeup, who loves to garden and who pretends to be just another nameless, sex-driven woman. This set is to show all of my flaws because they were the basis for my sexuality.

Words: Alice X

Photography: Jessica Kirby 


76 images available of this set here 


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