The End Of An Era And New Beginnings: The Sunflowers with Alice X

This shoot is significant in the way that it was my last shoot before UNI and one of Alice’s last shoots due to her retirement of professional modelling. We started out with a vision in mind, and this shoot turned out completely different from what we thought, mostly due to the weather conditions.
I like it a little more because of how moody it is and the memories that go along with this shoot.
Since starting university, I have little to no time, and I regret leaving it this long to post these, but I hope that these bring you as much joy as they do me and that you won’t forget about me as a photographer and artist while I go on my journey to becoming a Registered Nurse. There’s a long road ahead of me, and in a way, I feel that this photoset really encompasses the looming feeling that is inside me while embarking on what seems like an endless sea is work and sleepless nights due to assignments, classes and working at my amazing job in between. 
I can’t thank Alice enough for the years of creating that we have done together and how grateful I am that we met through something that we both love doing. I look forward to seeing you in Sweden sometime soon.

Full set of images on Patreon here


-Edit from Jessica
I have re-uploaded these images here on the original blog. These are the previews I have put out into the world for free. There are 46 final high res & uncensored images available on my Patreon.


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