New Moon Astro

Hey everyone!

I’ve had a bit of time in between semesters and working to go out and create some images.
I am taking quite a liking to shooting and editing astrophotography.

This image was taken around Ipswich. It was very dark and very eerie. Totally worth freaking myself out for though.

Side note: I passed all of my subjects for my first semester at University for Nursing! I have booked a venue for my wedding, got a wedding band and I have my dress! Things are happening and I'm doing really well.

It’s crazy what a difference a few years can make.


-Edit: This image was taken and the above description was written in July 2019 in my mid-year break.More information on Patreon about how I shot and edited this image for the tutorial Patreon tier - Jessica 20/11/19


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