Mountain Valleys and Golden Fields | Peach Industries x Jessica K Photography

Kate and I travelled to Mt Tamborine in the hopes of finding lush greenery and flowing waterfalls. We were met with dry landscape and stagnant water with the slightest drizzle down rockfaces. 
However, this did not stop us. 

Kate has been my hairdresser for over a year now, she is the magician behind turning my hair silver-blonde from years of blue and red hair dye. We took advantage of the time I have away from university and decided to take to the mountains. We had coffee at the place where I am staying for the night of my wedding and although we almost broke furniture, the view was beautiful!

These images have two parts, the first which is in a mountain valley has very moody tones which is quite the opposite to the energy that Kate radiates daily. The second half of this photo reminds me of pure gold sunshine which is more of a visual representation of Kate as a person. 

We found this gorgeous driveway with jacaranda trees and a big open field. We got very lucky with our light and location; all it took was some driving around. 

I wish Kate the best of luck in her January wedding and with branching out independently. If you wish to follow her and her work click here for @peachindustries 

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