Xavier Rose for The Medusas | Jessica K Photography

Xavier Rose for The Medusas

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Xaviers editorial for The Medusas was shot in her own room on a warm day at the Gold Coast. We used reflections in windows, surprise kittens and an Alice In Wonderland-esque frame to create these images. 

Xavier’s story revolves around gendered criticisms, specifically to do with female bodies, masculine and unorthodox occupations and assumed level of fitness for becoming a good parent. Xavier has a background in body building and body art, which has left a door open to a world of unwanted criticism, from her family, friends and strangers. What I am saying isn’t groundbreaking but it is true that there is still a prejudice today against people with tattoos, even though it has ‘gotten better.’ It is easy to see this prejudice being placed on women when people like to take it upon themselves to judge if a mother is fit to care for a child, solely on physical appearance.

On top of being a tattooed young woman, and having to deal with the “what will you children/grandparents think” or “they will look ugly when you’re older.” Xavier is also part of the body building community. As you can imagine, this had led to comments questioning her femininity as it is typically seen as a man’s sport. Xavier finds herself wading through criticisms such as “You’re going to lose your breasts” “No man will ever find you attractive.” 

Although these elements of Xavier’s life have been heavily criticised by those around her, it has never once stopped her from pursuing what she loves and does well at. Gendered expectations are harmful to all of us, men, women and our children. This is where representation of different genders, races and sexualities comes into play as being highly important in working towards more accepting society for marginalised people. 


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