The Medusas: Selina Switch x Jessica K Photography (NSFW)

Selina Switch for The Medusas NSFW

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Selina and I went to school together, we went to a private all girls college and whatever you’re imagining it would be like, yes it was exactly like that. Selina’s story starts off with the pressure of leaving sex before marriage which came predominantly from her mother (who makes the best hummus in the world just by the way.) This led to her first time having intercourse to be uncomfortable and shameful, Selina cried afterwards consumed by guilt and confusion as she sat in the bed with her long term partner. Selina talked to her parents about how she had started having sex, after the first couple of times it became easier, her mother came around eventually. Selina’s father was fully supportive when she approached him with the subject of kink, it was this validation that helped soothe her thoughts on having sex out of wedlock and her journey to sexual freedom through BDSM had begun.
Selina started out in the kink community as a submissive and from then, has come to enjoy playing the dominant role more as she has become more comfortable and expressive of her sexuality. Having control of the situation sexually has helped overcome the anxieties associated with intercourse. Selina is currently in an on-off ‘relationship’ with someone who has been in her life for a short while now. This is someone who has made obvious relationship-style gestures, but when faced with the question, backs out of wanting to be in a committed relationship. When she sprays herself with that perfume he gifted to her, her mind recalls his words “I don’t gift girls perfume, but this one reminded me of you. I don't know why, it just did”


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