The Medusas: Renèe Caryn x Jessica K Photography

Welcome everyone to the first editorial of my newest series, The Medusas.

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This project focuses on female sexuality, both the struggles and expectations that are put on girls and women when it comes to intimacy. The name is inspired by both Greek mythology goddess Medusa and the writings of Helene Cixous' "The Laugh Of The Medusa." I hope to highlight the many contradictions that are placed upon women when they enter the world of sex and how that has affected the model's I shoot with and myself, through both real life recounts and character stories I will be working on with each model. This series will be a bit of a change to my normal style as it is the first time I have captured erotic photography in contrast to my normal artistic nude style, I hope to blur the lines between art and porn.

My first editorial features one of my good friends Renèe Caryn, Renèe is in an open relationship and dances around the idea of identifying as bisexual even though the idea of dating a girl does not appeal. Sexuality is fluid, and putting yourself in a box isn’t necessary as long as you know what you like and so does the other human you’re being intimate with, the labels don’t matter. 

I talked to Renèe a bit about this and decided to elaborate more on her open relationship and how to keep a balance when it comes to jealousy and being considerate of the other person. Renèe told me that she never wanted to be labeled as ‘in a relationship’ because she felt herself changing as a person, and by having another persons opinion on her activities both sexually and not, would make her feel trapped. Although feeling this way, Renèe also couldn’t see a future without her current partner, which feels the same in the ways of not wanting to be monogamous but wanting to try and more relaxed approach to being together but keeping sexual freedom.

Renèe struggled to stay in relationships whist she was in high school, either she wasn’t ready or societies standards of a relationship didn’t quite fit. She could already feel herself feeling trapped to be someone else. After finishing school she met more open minded and accepting friends that she didn’t need to put herself in a box for. Renèe has only just started being more forward with people about her open relationship, as she found it hard to explain to other people how their relationship works. There has been a lot of judgement and even people telling both of them that they cannot truly love each other if they have sex with other people, which isn’t the case for them. Renèe firmly believes that one person cannot fulfil all of your sexuality desires. In saying that, both Renèe and her partner are very comfortable in their relationship which is full of trust and lacks jealousy due to their open communication.

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