If Flowers Were Human: Maya King x Looks Like Valyrian x Jessica K Photography

"If Flowers Were Human"

This editorial features model Maya King, made even more beautiful by talented make-up artist Emma Greaves.

The goal of this creation was to portray a tiny portion of erotica while keeping close to a theme of traditional femininity. Photographic's, concept and retouching by Jessica Kirby.

This will be the last full set available to non-patrons. Patrons pledging $10 or more will have full access to my upcoming and past editorials including NSFW. To become one of my supporters please head over to www.patreon.com/jessicakphotography to help me continue to create. 

I am embarking on a new journey of images in the next few months, the series is named "The Medusas" and will consist of erotic photography captured in a feminine light. I am excited to create with some wonderful models (and 'non-models') for this series to showcase the fragility and strengths of female sexuality. I hope you all can join me. 


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