A Small Fairytale Creature: Marzena Lazuli x Dewy Beauty x Jessica K Photography

"A Small Fairytale Creature"
Fairies have always been one of the mythical creatures that have inspired me the most, especially when I was growing up. I grew up with Shirley Barber’s paintings and I find myself referring back to her work frequently when thinking of concepts and moods for shoots.
Model: Marzena Lazuli

I believe Marzena is the closest to a fairy that I will ever get. She is an honest, caring and most of all natural human being who is one with nature and can’t help caring for everything she comes into contact with.

We shot this set in Mallory’s backyard at golden hour, we spent the afternoon catching up and speaking of our similar experiences, both positive and negative. Mallory is a human so full of light and love, for that I am so proud to call her my friend.

I hope you enjoy our shoot. Thank-you so much to Neeka Dewar for creating the fairy inspired make-up, you’re amazing.
Model: Marzena Lazuli

Make-up: Neeka Dewar @ Dewy Beauty


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