The Rise of a Goddess: Jessica K Photography

"The Rise of a Goddess"

This set is being published because I know I am a brilliant photographer and retoucher. I'm publishing this set for the team that worked so hard on those early mornings and all throughout the day.

When people kick you down, you will be all the more powerful when you rise from the ashes.

Models: Shaniah and Kristen Antrobus, Christine Milo
Rebeckah Wurzbacher Make-up Artist

Edit from Jessica: This was sitting in my drafts, I must have taken this down after legal action threatened against me. 
Long story short: Company I shot this for brought along one of their retail staff with a DSLR and got them to take "BTS photos" which they ended up using in their campaigns instead of paying me for my photos and creative input. 
I posted the photos without credit to them, watermarked them and told them that they couldn't use the photos unless they pay me for them. 
Then they tried to sue me (I was still a teenager) but we have good lawyers and they had no leg to stand on.
They went out of business not long after, I wonder why? 

I'm now comfortable talking about this now but it really scared me as a young person just trying to get paid for the work that I had done. 

-JKB 11/11/19


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