CLOTY: HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Jessica K Photography x Rebeckah Wurzbacher

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NAME: Legal name remains un-obtained, goes by the name CLOTY.
MOTIVE: Research has lead us to believe that the nature of 

“CLOTY’S’ killings were revenge attacks against beautiful children due to emotional damage in his early years. Jealousy based attacks suggest that he grew up as an outsider.

OBJECTS: Rose, Red Balloons, Obtains used surgical tools from old hospital supplies.
FEATURES: Satanic symbol on forehead, top of nose cut off among other parts of face missing. White collar, white suspenders, long black pants.
D.O.B: Unknown, but suspect seems about 40 years old.

VICTIM CHARACTERISTICS: Children aged 4 to 8 years, clear skin, long hair, no gender specification. 

LOCATION/METHODS: Victims have been found in abandoned hospitals with balloons tied to their wrist, rose thorn marks to their neck, teeth ripped out, parts of face peeled off and with their faces painted to mimic clown make-up. There is no sign of surgical brilliance and the scene is often left un-tidy, suggesting that this is not an act of precision but one acted upon emotionally. 
VICTIM COUNT: 24 Victims (To Date)
LAST SEEN: Just outside of Brisbane Australia, October 2015.

Happy Halloween.

Model: Kristopher Decemated Bos.
Make-up: Rebeckah Wurzbacher
Words: Jessica Kirby with inspiration from Christopher Hill. 


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