Good Morning, Darling: Jessica K Photography: Journal

"Good Morning, Darling"
Journal Post
(Somewhat NSFW)

Having a vivid imagination is a blessing and a curse… One of the blessing’s is being able to create dream-like images and tell stories through my eyes. I am the type of person who romanticises everything, if you haven’t noticed. I care about the little moments a bit too much and focus on the future more than one should. 

 I am constantly dreaming, wishing I was in a fairytale, wishing I could be something else, somewhere else. The downfall is the nightmares and the fact I am constantly living in a false state of reality. 

 The last set I posted on here was very personal and I put it out into the world as an expression of myself. I have had such wonderful messages from a number of people and I can’t thank those people enough for giving me the support and love I needed in those moments.


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