Good Morning, Darling: Jessica K Photography: Journal

"Good Morning, Darling"
Journal Post
(Somewhat NSFW)

Having a vivid imagination is a blessing and a curse… One of the blessing’s is being able to create dream-like images and tell stories through my eyes. I am the type of person who romanticises everything, if you haven’t noticed. I care about the little moments a bit too much and focus on the future more than one should. 

 I am constantly dreaming, wishing I was in a fairytale, wishing I could be something else, somewhere else. The downfall is the nightmares and the fact I am constantly living in a false state of reality. 

 These images are some of the moments that I had been wishing I could capture for a while… waking up next to a human I never thought I would feel so deeply for. These were taken just as we woke-up in our hotel room. I woke to see his body illuminated by a soft orange glow from the sunrise and it was too good to let the moment pass without capturing. 

 I wish I could have captured all of those first moments, the delicate rush at the beginning where everything is confusing and we wanted to reject any feelings of vulnerability. 
We were in the middle of nowhere drenched in moonlight, laying in his arms in the back seat of his car, captivated by his green eyes, the sound of raindrops drowning out any rational thoughts… That night I fell in love. 

From then on it has been nothing short of incredible. This love is passionate, exciting, dangerous… We can be be in a screaming match one minute and the next we could be completely consumed by each other with our hearts beating in our chests. I have never felt more alive than when I am with him. 

 The last set I posted on here was very personal and I put it out into the world as an expression of myself. I have had such wonderful messages from a number of people and I can’t thank those people enough for giving me the support and love I needed in those moments.
  I am so glad to say that things are looking up, and i’m so grateful that I am able to share these moments with you visually and through the stories.


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