Behind The Scenes: Angel of Death: The Fears Series: Jessica K Photography

Hello everyone!

It is about time for another BTS post.
This is from the first image shot for The Fears Series, The Angel of Death.

A 3am start for a sunrise shoot, you can just imagine how we were all feeling. Enjoy!
Modeling is Amy Jacobs

Make-up and SPFX by Ally Jenkins 
Film and Assistance from Yaron Topp
Concept, Retouching, Photography, Styling by Jessica Kirby of Jessica K Photography
Rex Australis Sculpture by Dean Coll

 Ally applying the bald cap to Amy

 Yaron on hair dryer duty, honestly the things I rope that poor man into is ridiculous 
 Amy is feeling super happy about turning bald at 4 in the morning
 Pose thoughts written on a reciept 
 Ally working her blending magic
 And we were on our way! The sun had started to rise and it was a race to location. Thank goodness I took this image out the window of the car, I later composited it into the final image.
 Yaron being majestic for the composite of the dress
 It was only 10 degrees on the side of the highway and slightly raining, totally brilliant modeling conditions. SORRY AMY.
 The base image for the final.
 Gathering images for the dress composite, Yaron and Ally throwing the fabric into the air to create the effect.
 Un-retouched portraits

And we're done!
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