The Fears Series: Angel of Death. Jessica K Photography

When researching for this project I set up a survey and posted it out to the wonderful people on my social media pages. I asked people what their fears were and if they knew where the root of the fear was. I expected to get back lots of spiders, sharks, the dark etc... Which sure enough I did, but I also recieved a lot of responces where that persons main fear was Cancer. 

This did take me back, because I hadn't put much thought to it. When I was deciding what topic to shoot first for this series I originally thought it would be something visually frightening, something violent and hauting but since this had stood out from so many people I believed that it was right for the first image. 

Inspired by stories from the people I interviewed and the people who responded to my questions, this is my depiciton of the Angel of Death based on the fear of Cancer.

Modeling is Amy Jacobs
Make-up and SPFX by Ally Jenkins 
Film and Assistance from Yaron Topp
Concept, Retouching, Photography, Styling by Jessica Kirby of Jessica K Photography
Rex Australis Sculpture by Dean Coll

I have been working on a Patreon page for a while now to help support me through this project and through my other creative endevours, every little bit counts and I am so excited to send out care packages for my supporters! You can help out here.


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