Roadtrip To Melbourne: Jessica K Photography

So... I moved to Melbourne! Finally. 

Ash and I began our roadtrip from Brisbane on Saturday the 21st after an amazing night at riverstage seeing Ed Sheeran. 

A little stopover in Byron Bay, we unfortunately found that the markets weren't on that day but that's okay!

The whole way down there were abandonments that I couldn't stopover and look at as we had a time limit, but this was one of them I could at least get out and take a quick photo

All of our stuff crammed into my tiny carola

Byron Bay

My lens was foggy from the car...

We stopped in a little town called Ulmarra which was the most cliche country town, and just as we were about to leave this little girl's father approached me and asked if I could get a photo with his daughter. She said she liked my tattoos and hair and her dad said that she was a bit weird, so stay weird kid! This was taken after she had the photo (she's holding the phone to her chest, aww precious!)

Our dinner... It is safe to say we felt quite sick afterward

I was obsessed with the light at our motel

We stayed in coffs harbour for the night

So, it started storming and the reception went out. Typical.

Good morning!

Me? Waking up before the sun?

Roadtrip companion

This is shadow (If you look hard enough there is a cow in the back of the trailer) we followed him for a while cringing the whole way, he looked very uncomfortable and im still surprised that is legal. 

A stormy welcome to Sydney

Roadtrip life line

We stayed the night in Goulburn which is 'the first inland city' and I fell in love with the buildings. 

Chasing the light

We had the best toasted muesli in the morning and we were off again to stay in Melbourne that night.

We played Panic! At the Disco, their Too Weird Too Rare To Die! album, it was so dry it felt very vegas-like... Vivid imagination.

Wind farm, something we need more of

And we're in Melbourne!

We were greeted by lavender at our hotel for the night

No matter how long I live in this city, I feel like I will always be a tourist. It is too beautiful.

An apartment's courtyard

We picked up the keys to the apartment and just like that... We have our own place!

To cut a long story short, an English couple were moving back to England and they kindly sold us their hardly used bed for cheap and gave us their couch, microwave and miscellaneous other household items for a bottle of wine. This means I could get setup with a desk and chair quicker than expected due to our financial situation... Broke as hell.

Our foggy Melbourne view


I feel so grateful to now call this city home,  it's still taking a bit of getting used to and I am missing my family and friends but this move is definitely for the best and it's one step closer to my dreams. 


  1. The photos look beautifully surreal. . .as always. <3


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