Abandoned Hotel: Jessica K Photography

Just a quick tour around this abandoned hotel, I was in and out of this location pretty quick as I was alone and parked in a tow away zone but I got some shakey and lobsided pictures for you all anyway!

After jumping the wall and climbing over a bunch of miscellaneous junk, I made it to the building's entrance 
The day I don't see a satanic symbol in an abandoned building will be the day I am truly surprised

The  entrance into the upper half of the building was dead silent and dark, with only glimpses of window light


There were many rooms, very old-pub style

And it was this moment when I was looking down that a freaking pigeon decided to scare the life out of me 


Old brick walls give me life



The damn pigeon


Fallen frame

This place was closed down due to a fire, but the damage seems pretty minimal

As i said, lopsided images, just pretend that it's fine

Upstairs, not really that thrilling but I thought I would include it

Obviously stairs

I was definitely thinking twice about going downstairs, due to how dark it was, but I am glad I did

That graffiti definitely ruined the fireplace

<3 YES

Abandoned bar

Overlooking the bar into another room

This is where it got a bit sketchy, I was waiting for someone to jump out of that darkness any second...

Peeling paint

Absolutely stunning

Looking back out towards the entrance

Decaying bricks and overcast light


...and you can see why I wasn't in there long by myself, I am almost positive there were a few boogey men in there

Hope you enjoyed these! Here have a few phone selfies I took in the building...

I like to pretend I am Lara Croft sometimes...

Thank-you for veiwing !



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