Nine to Five : Jessica K Photography

This is a project I carried out through the end of December until the start of this year, I ended up falling out of love with the project but I may as well share it.

At the beginning of last year I was living purely on photography jobs, the problem was I was working for a company that I was usually making $100 a week on, I had to move to a more 'normal' job and I am now working my nights at a bar.

In december last year I was working away most of my week and I was constantly tired and that led to being uninspired and depressed in consequence.

One of the best things about going to work was the drive on the way there, I can put my music on and sing as loud as I want and have a bit of me-time before having to put a fake smile on my face and deal with ignorant people.

Enjoy these little moments in time where I found happiness in something that makes me un-happy.

Thank-you for viewing.


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