Eyes Wide Shut: Jessica K Photography x Rebeckah Wurzbacher x Alannah Dair

Title: Eyes Wide Shut

Model: Alannah Dair
Make-up Artist: Rebeckah Wurzbacher 
Photography, Concept, Retouch: Jessica Kirby @ Jessica K Photography
Words: Ash Dorman
The blinding light, of her aspirations, stole her hand – leading her to a hollow heart. She is trapped now, forever moving t’ward dreams out of reach.


  1. I have not been to your blog and I'm glad to see that there are many new interesting posts =)
    Really like the soft light in these photos, it creates easy cool atmosphere and lights add magic.
    I really love it <3

    1. Thank-you Milana! I am so glad you enjoy them, thank-you so much for letting me know :)



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