G20 Brisbane Protest: Jessica K Photography

Today Ash and myself went out to Brisbane city and ended up in a protest! We had previously known that there would be a few on today, they all mashed together into one big hoard and there we were!

The main issues were:
-Climate change
-Corporate greed
-Privacy rights
-Feminism (Equality)
-Asylum seekers mistreatment 
-Tony Abbot as a whole... 
-Criminalisation of homelessness
-People before corporations and life before profit

As we entered there was just these guys singing and dancing around with angel wings, chanting "Clean energy is divine"

The protest was lead by the aboriginal elders who lead by speaking about the importance of love and respect for all people and opinions. This was really the energy of the whole day; love and respect.


And they didn't even offer scholarships 

The amount of police was surreal

Capitalism isn't working

This was my favourite sign by far

These guys were just playing funky music the whole time, it was great

The Chinese were by far the most organised, they're protesting on the topic of the forced Organ Harvesting upon innocent chines civilians  (more info: http://www.stoporganharvesting.org/)

"Thank-you for the music friends" - Sings guy in the protest while dancing around

Segways! This was taken through one of the hardcore barricades outside GOMA

Commissioned art for G20 so that Brisbane looks like it supports the arts, when really it doesn't.


"Stop G20" *Anarchy symbol* Attempted cover up

About a 5-6 police deep wall at the end of the protest outside the convention centre where the G20 is being held.

As the march ended and we entered the park everyone became aware that we had left as many, but arrived a one. This is what was shouted as we moved into one large "mob" - everyone was there as an individual that was part of a greater whole. 

Comments: Ash Dorman and Jessica Kirby from Jessica K Photography

All images copyrighted to Jessica K Photography, please get in contact if you wish to use an image for publishing.


  1. Beautiful photos Jessica and the message that resonated with me most is that "our economy won't grow on a dead planet." Thanks for sharing.


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