To Deny the Past is to Forget the Future: Jessica K Photography: Abandoned Adventures

Last time I explored this location my friend and I had an incident with security and their dogs, you can catch-up on that story and a few other abandonments here

I decided to take on this location again as there was another whole half we didn't get to see. Thank-you Ashleigh for joining me on this trip and for the gorgeous lunch afterwards!

I'm like a kid in a candy store in big abandonments


A booklet left behind

I'm actually quite disappointed that the art behind this has been covered up with a tag, it used to say "You're going to the minimalist wing" which I thought was hilarious.


Creepy childlike drawings

Now, this image is a little bit crappy- just ignore that- now what the hell is this? I didn't want to look in there too long because I was afraid of god knows what but I wanted nothing to do with it. This was in the same classroom as the creepy child drawings. Dirt mound? It was a giant slope in a classroom...

Finally, we reached the actual art

I had previously seen images of this teddy bear art online and I was so excited to see it in person! Unfortunately, this kid skels thinks he has permission to put his name all over everything and ruined a perfectly good teddy and trash bags *sigh*

Thankfully this one was untouched !

Inside the "teddy bear totem pole"

and... I thought it was great

there was a dark stairway with the wall taken out and we thought hey, lets just go on down there

Oh a dark cage looking basement? Lets go

Back into the classrooms

I loved this

We weren't quite sure what sort of substance this was...


A golden sheet

I was way too excited when we stumbled across this, it reminded me of the images I have seen from the Urbex Community from Detroit

There was such a beautiful light coming in from the window

Ashleigh and the Mozart couch, I honestly didn't think this was concrete until I saw it in real life

This was lovely to stumble upon

It was so hot that day, australia just skips spring and goes straight to summer

Classic high school set horror film, bit of buffy?

Another bathroom, ignore that little c-bomb


I have a hunch this was the library?

Aaand the top

Just in case you were wondering what was in these things

I missed seeing these in abandonment's!


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