City Under The Rain Cloud : Jessica K Photography:

Hello again!

Just a quick little blog post on my time in Melbourne this month, this consists mostly of my partner Ash and his good looking jawline.


Ash went clothes shopping an emerged as an emo priest

Dewdrops and Mist

One day I will be able to enjoy autumn in a city covered in golden leaves

We spent most of our time walking and on trams, just travelling around and taking it all in. In between good food and beverages of course...

The state library

I have eternal love for spiral staircases and golden light

Ash wishing he could study in this library, one day soon darling

So, we caught a tram to an outer suburb we weren't sure on, missed the stop and got lost under a bridge...

Waiting near Fed Square

We went to see a few theatre shows from this years VCA 3rd year's, our friend Zoe (whos floor we were sleeping on for these few days) was involved on managing the shows

Hidden alleyway bar

Greeted by one of my favourite street artists, we enjoyed a drink from a syringe...

Have a great weekend everyone!


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