Once Upon a Dream: Jessica K Photography

trigger warning: rape

We all know the story right? Sleeping Beauty falls asleep for a while on her 16th birthday yada yada.
Well I'm here to talk about the not so 'dreamy' theme that I underlies in most fairytales, but particularly Sleeping Beauty.

Rape Culture

Elements of rape culture have been ingrained into our society since the beginning.

A couple of pop culture examples:
Blurred Lines, I won't go into this into depth as I don't want this whole blog post to be about how much of a pathetic human Robin Thicke is, but "I know you want it" just isn't good enough.

The latest icloud hack targeting female celebrities, which resulted in an anonymous person on 4Chan releasing nude photos of these people in exchange for money. If that isn't bad enough, people are actually blaming these women because "they shouldn't have taken the photos in the first place." This isn't a scandal, it's sexual assault.

I could go on about this topic for hours, but I wont. My main message has to be clear and that is that it is never the victims fault. Sex is not the same as rape, and Silence is NOT consent. 

Model: Maddy Gallagher
Make-up Artist: Shannon @ Beautifully Kaotic Make-up Artistry


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