Mistress Of All Evil (Maleficent) : Jessica K Photography

"Mistress Of All Evil"

Model: Abigail Lester
Make-up: Rebeckah Wurzbacher
Assistants: Ash Dorman, Kyle Mccann

When I was younger and first watched the 1959 Disney version of "Sleeping Beauty", I am sure I was not the only one who had a fear of Maleficent. I had always had a love for the darker side of stories, they always seemed to have so much more strength and meaning behind them rather than the airy fairy happy version

In the recent 2014 version of the story "Maleficent," they turned the story around and showed her more positive side, as if all of her evil doings were for the good of princess Aurora the entire time, which, if you have seen both films you will notice the plot flaws... 

Maleficent is the self-proclaimed, Mistress of all evil

Maleficent is hands down my favourite Disney villain for many reasons

-She's pure evil
-So evil that she doesn't just kill people in her path she makes them live in misery
-She is brilliant at holding grudges
-Her colour scheme and overall appearance is brilliantly designed

" A forest of thorns shall be his tomb! Borne through the skies on a fog of doom! Now go with the curse, and serve me well! 'Round Stefan's Castle, CAST MY SPELL!"

"Oh come now Prince Phillip. Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you - you, the destined hero of a charming fairy tale come true. Behold - King Stefan's castle. And in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Princess Aurora. But see the gracious whim of fate - why, 'tis the self-same peasant maid, who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed, most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part, and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides, on his noble steed, a valiant figure, straight and tall! To wake his love, with love's first kiss. And prove that "true love" conquers all!"

Showing off Bec's brilliant make-up artistry and beautiful Abigail

Thank-you to everyone who made this shoot a success, Bec, Abbie, Kyle and Ash

Now... my favourite scene of Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty


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