The Dryad: Jessica K Photography

"The Dryad"

Back to the basics, 2 friends; a model and a photographer heading out, with no fancy lighting, equipment or designer dresses just to shoot with an emotional inspiration. 
Thank-you for a great day Jacque!

Model: Jacque Inabox

I have a fascination with spines, bones in general

Jacque mentioned that she had always felt trees were her happy place,

As she proceeded to climb higher into the leaves

I love images where humans are within nature, being supported by the earth and it's wonders

When directing models rather than giving them a pose, most times I give them an emotion, I was inspired by gloom that day

I hate battling midday sun, but it has it's moments such as this break in the tree leaves

Living within the trees on her own, but not alone

A wanderer within familiar grounds


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