Behind the Scenes: Elsa: Jessica K Photography

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have done a behind the scenes or a personal update blog, so why not combine the two! Over the past month, and also over the next two months I am working on a project for my last semester portfolio. I have chosen the subjects of Art and Fashion and my two themes are Disney Fairy tales and Gardens. I have to complete 20 photoshoots for these subjects in a very small amount of time, and this has been the most difficult elements about the task.

I find it very hard (as anyone would) to force creativity out of myself, if I am not passionate about something I will not likely have the motivation to complete the project and I therefore will struggle through the process. Although I am not completely unmotivated for these projects, I am finding a lack of creativity due to the short time span. I feel as if I am pushing out shoots a bit too quickly and if I had that little bit more planning time, that they would have turned out better.

So the point of telling you all of that is that I will be under a lot of pressure over the next 2 months, and since I am in the thick of it now, I would love to know some tips and tricks on staying on top of creative pressure and how to keep motivation and inspiration flowing. Currently I am using relaxation and meditations methods which consist mostly of: Incense, Tea, Walks, Driving and taking photos of random life's pleasures such as trees and clouds.

Here is a short behind the scenes sneak peek for the Elsa (From Frozen, Disney) inspired shoot with Rebeckah Wurzbacher on Make-up and Hair, The beautiful Alannah Dair modelling and her boyfriend assisting. Thank-you again Sam Beasley for saving my life and providing us with a dress for this shoot!


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