The Coven: Jessica K Photography (American Horror Story Inspired)

The Coven; is inspired by the personalities and powers of the 4 main young women of the third season of American Horror Story: Coven. These images are stories of the darker side of these women, based on their base abilities. 

"Homicidal Erotica"
Zoe’s character falls a lot deeper than in the series, due to her ability to cause death by having sex with boys, I found it politely fitting to turn her into a homicidal sex addict, taking her unfortunate talent on college boys with a history of sexual harassment. 

 "This rendition of Maddison’s character is showing the hard fall of a young woman who found herself suffering substance addiction during the chaotic climb to becoming a Hollywood superstar."

"Unknown control"
"Queenie’s character is transformed into a VooDoo vixen, featuring jars of baby gravy and other items quite un-nerving surrounding her. I wanted to show a calm in this set as the victim on the other side of the voodoo ritual never knows what is coming. "
"The voices"
"Nan has the curious ability of being clairvoyant in the series, to tie her character closer to reality, I decided on this character being schizophrenic. In this image the light and dark elements seen opposite each other are there to represent her voices and her never-ending choice between good and evil."

Jacque (Jacque Inabox): Styling, Model 
Jessi Kajewski: Model
Peta Butler: Model
Alexandra Ryan: Model
Rebeckah Wurzbacher: Make-Up Artist 
Jacob Morrison: Videographer 
Nick Hodgkinson: Model
Cliffe Hodgkinson: Model 
Jesse Joosten: Model
Ash Dorman: Assistant
Bella Anderson: Assistant
Tragic Beautiful: Wardrobe 
Jessica Kirby of Jessica K Photography: Photographer and Concepts
Inspired by American Horror Story, Season 3, Coven.
Published in Freque Magazine; Vol 11 Part 2, 2014.

The Coven - BTS for Jessica K Photography from Jacob Morrison on Vimeo.


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