Behind the Scenes: Creature: Jessica K Photography

NSFW 18+
Model: Moofy
Make-up: Rebeckah Wurzbacher

After getting off to a slow start with locations being mixed around, we shot this editorial of Moofy becoming this slimy creature in between shadows and patches of light in the late afternoon, the light was already fading and I have to say it was quite eery shooting in this location that late.

Oilin' up

Final touches

Bec stayed put in a little creepy bathroom 

I'm not sure why but I love that piece of graffiti

Perfection in a photo? You're welcome

We got back to the car to find that I didn't have my keys on me. Moofy went back into the abandonment, at around 6-7pm, it was dark enough that she needed a torch to look for my damn keys... Turns out I locked them in the boot. 

Thank-you RACQ man for breaking into my car

Shoot complete, remind me never to lock my keys in the boot while trespassing again.

Editorial coming soon.


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