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Women are constantly seen as flawless sexual objects in the media, (although this is probably not news to you) the real problem is that this alters both Men and Women's perceptions and expectations of Women as a whole. Men are expecting women to be these gorgeous glowing subjects of desire with big breasts and tiny waists, while women are expecting to upkeep these expectations of flawlessness on a daily basis, in their personal lives and work lives (ie. Women being told they have to wear make-up in the workplace because it looks more 'professional', sound's ridiculous, but it happens.) This is a product of constantly seeing perfected (photo shopped) images of women in the media, and never any images of women flaunting their flaws (in a positive light.)

To fight this battle we don't need to stop photo shopping images, that is not at all what I am getting at. Photoshop doesn't have to be our enemy, the problem is the people that use this tool for the purpose of projecting a fake image of women and continue to justify this superficial expectation in the media. Leading unfortunately to sucking in young boys and girls until it is too late for them to figure it out themselves. 
The solution to the problem starts with us all individually believing that we genuinely are beautiful with our flaws and that we don't need to look like that model on the magazine (because that model doesn't look like the model in the magazine...)

This series is for the purpose of showing that a naked woman is not (and should not) be condemned to being seen a sexual object, and that imperfection can be beautiful. These images are un-retouched (no smoothing, no taking away of scars, bumps you name it!) I have to say Moofy is quite inspiring when it comes to loving the body you're in and ultimately loving your flaws. 

Model: Moofy
Her blog: www.moofy.blog.com


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