The category of artistic nudity is taken up by a majority of women. My theory is that we, as people of a patriarchal society, are used to seeing the female body stripped down to it's rawest living form because women are seen as lesser than men, basing this off how women are represented in today's media and society. 

I shot these images of Maxwell in the same style I would if I were capturing a woman's body, males are typically shot striking strong poses to show their dominance but in these images I wanted to show a male body in a more feminine light to bring us back to the fact we are all human, and we are equal, whether our society says so or not.

We as humans shouldn't have to live in a gender divided society that was created by those before us, we can change this path for the better, and I believe we can. 

Model: Maxwell Behnke
Assistant: Jacque Inabox


  1. They're absolutely gorgeous, wonderful work by both the photographer and the focus

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  3. Beautiful pictures, terrific eye for photos


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