Ignorant Minds

"Ignorant Minds"
Model: Kristopher Bos

One way or another our minds are shaped by both our parents and the media when we are young, about what it is to be a male or a female.

"Girls don't get dirty in the mud, go play with your dolls"

"C'mon kiddo, stop playing with those girlie toys, let's play football!"

Lame examples, but you get where I am going with it...

This is quite a complex topic I know, but I am willing to explore it and hopefully raise some form of awareness and learn something myself along the way.

This image was inspired by the thoughts of a young boy being told it is wrong to play with barbie's as it is not the norm in society for a boy, and how that can have negative effects in their future such as identity issues and not ever being quite comfortable in their own skin. Basically the topic of transgender people and how when we are growing up we are told to stick to what our genitals say we are, paralleling with societies demands.

I would absolutely love for the future generations children to grow up with a lesser influence on what gender they are when they're growing up and how you should act in regards to that, but more on how they are growing into a person of strong morals, ambitions and a grounded personality.

The world is dependant on how we raise our kids, it's that one step closer to the world being a better place.


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