Adventures in abandonment

The past few days I have had some time devoted specially to location scouting and pure adventure, here are my findings...

An abandoned school, the best features were these paintings

Most of the buildings had been removed due to local concern 

All of the graffiti on the buildings was not artist driven, it was just vandals

The school has been destroyed by vandals, and not in the good way

"1, 2 Freddy's coming for you..." The essence is there

An questionably inspirational quote from the outside of another abandonment

An abandoned skate arena built in the 1920's

The arena 'suspiciously' caught on fire in 2002

The lack of roof was absolutely stunning

A melted crate from the fire

Skate wheels

Left behind

Very lucky to be able to capture this building after rain

I wonder the purpose of this...


Exploration buddy and her not so subtle clothing choices

Step back in time

Melted shoes?

The viewing area

They must have stopped the fire quite quickly as it was in brilliant condition when considering the circumstances.

I find it very sad that it won't be standing for much longer, but I am grateful I saw it when it was

Another abandonment, it was calling me! 

Anybody in their right mind would take one look at that and go "yeah that just isn't for me" and walk away...

We are the first 5 minutes of supernatural

Abandoned darkroom, truly my area

Most, if not all, of the graffiti was unimaginative

The bones of a former university

We thought it looked soft grunge

Main reception?

Most of the rooms looked pretty much the same, and this place was massive

A fair chunk of this abandonment was in darkness

The hallways felt much like a horror film

Perfectly surreal

Much of the same...

This room was the last room we could capture, we hadn't seen nearly half of this abandonment when we heard dogs not too far off in the distance. We thought positively and had theories of somebody just walking their dogs but we found ourselves to be mistaken quite quickly when we heard the purring of a small car at the foot of the building. We hid behind a small door in a dimly lit room, there were what sounded like 2 large dogs barking  and all of a sudden there was movement below us on the bottom floor. Fortunately we had gone upstairs a few minutes earlier. By now it is fair to say our adrenalin was pounding in our ears; leading us to fear the worst: someone was on the ground floor below us! It had to be security... 

As we were both having mild panic attacks in between whispered cut off sentences of anxiety that mostly consisted of 'we're going to jail' 'we're screwed'. Suddenly our mind's and bodies decided to go into survival mode; in the blink of an eye, we had a game plan. It was time to get out of there, preferably without the involvement of handcuffs. We pitter pattered down the hall to get back to the entrance of the staircase, we could hear the dogs feint barking in the distance, and assumed that security had moved to a different building on the campus. Open air now filled our heaving chests, no longer could we hide in the shadows. With movements propelled by eager feet we ran down the stairs, our eyes struggling with our pace. With speed the number one concern it became hard to avoid stepping on glass or large plastic objects that would make noise; noise that would give us away...

We had made it back to the photography building where we had entered; from there we would race for  a small hole in the fence that screamed freedom!  With our survival mode still in action it was 3, 2... 1! We were running across campus like mad things, holding up bra's and pants, trying to be as quiet and swift as possible, vaulting over construction equipment and other decaying elements of the college. 

As we made it to the hole in the fence, waiting there with it's tow-bar reaching our to our faces, was a white ute with a man waiting in the car. 'We're done for' 'he's waiting for us' 'he knew we were in there' 'we're going to jail for sure' and then in the middle of all the frightened mind chatter, there was the somewhat unrealistic thought: 'if we get out of here before the police come, we can't get arrested'. Which looking back on now is extremely wrong, but it got us out of there. 

In conclusion, we walked out of there like 2 women of confidence who didn't have time for anyone's business. Once out of sight, however, we ran like frightened chickens to the safety of my little car parked a street away. After having driven about 2 blocks, we realised we are teenage hooligans. 


  1. Wow these are incredible! You're so talented! :)

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