Recently I attended an excursion with my class. I had always known I have a itch when someone is taking the same photo as me ie. If I set up a portrait photo and someone comes behind me with a camera phone... and if you're a photographer I am sure you know the feeling! 
But something really struck strange with my when I was in this large group with everyone photographing the same subject in the same setting, I didn't realise how much the story behind the photos meant to me in my photography, and that it is a massive part of all that I do.

So I decided to venture away from the group and explore the forest...

"Although your spikes and placement may be different, you're just another one on the forest floor"

It was truly odd as this was the first time I had shot with another photographer, let alone another group!

Out of place

The outdoor studio set up

"Another fallen to the forest floor"


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