The Hinterland

There is no better therapy than nature, and spending the weekend in the Gold Coast hinterland definitely revitalised all the senses and sparked inspiration.
We started off our trip by gliding up a mountain with our headlights reflecting light into the dark corners of the winding road

One way bridges

In the morning we woke-up to a beautiful cloud covered summers day, perfect for hiking through the forest and visiting waterfalls

It is a very strange thing we humans do, we show our affection by harming other life

There is something about the way the sun falls through the leaves that gives a certain relief to people like myself who dwell in the city

Moss on fallen trees is one of life's treasures

Maddie, as we took a break at a small waterhole

Yianni, reading priorities

Zoe, enjoying some of her final days in QLD for quite sometime

Why do we path forests with concrete when the purpose is to get out into nature?

Follow me

A very tall waterfall 

A very tall waterfall indeed

Dan, checking waterfall diving off the bucket list

Nicky, heading for round 2

Crisp water from an offshoot of the main waterfall under the shade, the only concern was the concern  of leeches

"Swim underneath a waterfall" Check!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend and I can't wait for later this year where I am going on a road trip to find beautiful new places and break from the busy semester we know it will be.


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