Leave Only Footprints

"Leave Only Footprints"
One of my absolute favourite things to do is explore abandoned sites, weather it be houses, warehouses, barns, factories or mansions! There is something strange about being in a place that has been left behind with someone else moving on, and especially strange when there has been someone left behind as well.

One of the biggest problems with leaving places behind, is the damage that a certain people do to the buildings. Personally, when I am searching an abandoned site, I leave only footprints and take only photographs, as it should be.

If someone entered your house and started breaking windows and drawing swear words on the walls, you would probably have something to say about it, I would think. The fact these structures no longer have someone to care for them does not make it any less immoral.

I hope to explore more abandoned sites of Brisbane before the year is over.

This was a little farm looking house, grass completely overgrown. 

Oh, and I just so happened to have a model with me at the time...


I have an obsession with windows.

The remnants of a shed, with chains hanging from the roof.

Different house, lovely windows.

Taylah under the house.

I do love a good window.

Isn't it amazing when nature reclaims?

The outside of the second house.


  1. Jessica, these are fantastic. I love the old property and think you have captured it and your model perfectly. Now I feel the urge to track down some abandoned properties! :)


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